The Soap Distillery - Small Batches, No Hangovers

The Soap Distillery is a Chicago based Black women owned business that makes grooming products sold at Rusty's Dry Goods.

Founded in 2012 by Danielle Martin, The Soap Distillery creates high quality fragrances inspired by drinks, beverages, aromatic landscapes, and more. Their products are created with all people in mind which removes limitations and allows all customers to feel welcome.

The Soap Distillery Owner, Danielle Martin

The Soap Distillery's mission is to create a bridge between the gap of ‘fun’ and ‘earth friendly’ by redefining what an “everyday product” is. Their main priority is to offer creative and unique products that use sustainable and compostable packaging as much as possible.  

With their fun drink-themed scents, The Soap Distillery creates gifts that get people talking. At least once a day we hear customers chuckle as they pick up a bar soap and say "Beer and Cigarettes?!?!" and then they smell it and realize 1) it doesn't really smell like beer or cigarettes 2) they know someone who would love it 3) it's freakin' hilarious and smells delicious!

Beer + Cigarettes Bar Soap

In addition to bar soaps, The Soap Distillery also makes solid shampoos. As customers of Main Street Mercantile know, we love our solid shampoos! With two scents, The Chronic and Shower Beer, these shampoos offer a moisturizing clean with subtle yet familiar scents everyone will love. 

Solid Shampoo Bars

Rounding out the best sellers from The Soap Distillery are their drink-themed lip balms. With mouthwatering flavors like Whiskey + Coffee and Mint Mojito, these mositurizing lip balms are free of petroleum, artificial flavors and parabens. 

The Soap Distillery Lip Balms


Vana's Favorites: The Chronic Shampoo and Bloody Mary Bar Soap
Rusty's Favorites: Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bar Soap