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Main Street Mercantile

Main Street Mercantile was opened on September 19, 2020, with the intention of connecting people with unique and meaningful things that couldn’t be found at the average big box store. Every item in the shop is meticulously researched and sourced entirely from Small American Businesses. Since opening, Main Street Mercantile has worked with over 200 brands to bring everything from candles, jewelry and bath products to eco-friendly cleaners, cosmetics and children’s accessories to their customers.

Rusty’s Dry Goods

After nearly two years of getting to know her customer’s wants and needs at Main Street Mercantile, owner, Vana Lyon and her trusty shop dog, a rescue boxer named, Rusty, decided it was time to expand into men’s offerings. With space at the Main Street Mercantile location very limited, the decision was made to purchase a vacant building across the street. While renovations were under way, Vana began partnering with even more small American Businesses to round out an assortment of men’s products. While sourcing products for this location, there was an added emphasis on Veteran-Owned businesses. Rusty’s Dry Goods opened on July 23, 2022, and features a large variety of barware, grooming products, men’s apparel, accessories, candles and more.


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